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REED  (Regulating Energy Efficiency Device)


Unequalled leak detection
0.01% accuracy

Automated micro leak

REED patented world first technology
A completely new way to achieve energy
savings within the HVAC-R industry
(Patents: US 10,401,063 B2, JP6925333 B2)

Who We Are

CRESSTEC is an acronym for Carbon Reducing Energy Saving Solutions and Technologies; its very definition is exactly what our company stands for. CRESSTEC will play an active role in sustainable global development, where social responsibility, the environment and climate considerations go hand-in-hand with sound business development. All our innovations, from their concept right through to commercialisation, are environmentally responsible. With a number of innovative inventions in our pipeline, across multiple industries including but not limited to; refrigeration and air conditioning, power generation, aerospace, optics, transportation and the automotive industry.


Refrigerant Management Systems


The REED technology represents the first of a series of patented, advanced refrigerant management and energy saving solutions to be brought to market by Cresstec. This patented invention (Patent No: US 10,401,063 B2) revolutionises the way refrigerant is optimised and managed in vapour compression refrigeration and air conditioning systems with energy saving of up to 27.6%.

REED’s novel refrigerant management and optimisation technology reduces energy consumption and increases the life of the plant it is installed on. The system retrofits to any vapour compression circuit and actively optimises the charge for any given system load and environmental condition. REED also stores excess energy created by the system through normal operation to boost the systems performance in high demand scenarios minimising the compressor work.

REED has significant environmental benefits, Cresstec’s original goal was to reduce average system leak rates by up to half, minimising the amount of harmful refrigerant vented to atmosphere, REED has exceeded this by being able to detect system leaks of 0.01% and actively and automatically mitigate these leaks, until rectification work can be completed, virtually eliminating systems venting from micro leaks.  “with mass adoption of the REED technology, we could hit in Australia alone our 2030 climate commitments today”.

Institute of Innovation

Cresstec prides itself on forward thinking and wants to gain the reputation of being a true innovator. We believe it is imperative to be proactive not reactive in the development of new technologies and to challenge the accepted convention and create new products and concepts that offer positive commercial and environmental benefits.

Our current pipeline of projects is the result of collaboration between inventors, industrial designers and engineers. As Cresstec grows our intent is to expand this, bringing together further expertise and increasing our collaboration into a powerful real world research and development campus, where ideology meets engineering and business blurs the lines of environmentalism as we look to invent solutions for today’s problems while discovering the advancements that will take us well into future.

This Commitment both financially and in expertise is essential for the advancement of our world and the future profitability and longevity of our company.

Product Pipeline


Cresstec’s vision is not singular or limited to one product, our commitment to our company’s growth, the global environment, and benefits to our customers is long term. It is about leaving a positive legacy for future generations, while maintaining a healthy bottom line. Cresstec has other products and projects in our portfolio at varying stages of development, ranging from the conceptual through to the definitive.

This pipeline is continually growing as we look at current designs in the world and their limitations and waste, along with new concepts and designs for products the world is yet to imagine. Our inventions will benefit multiple industries including but not limited to transport and logistics, mining, aerospace, utilities both commercial and domestic, energy generation and bio technologies.

All the products in our pipeline are novel proprietary inventions, designed with the common goal of reducing our global carbon footprint and increasing profitability both to Cresstec and to those operators who employ their use.