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What CRESSTEC Offers

Cresstec was founded by a small group of like-minded professionals with a shared vision to develop technologies that advance humanity and have a positive impact from both an economic and environmental perspective.

As a company we took this as our ethos and now have several developments in our pipeline, REED being our first to market. REED is a patent pending novel energy saving invention for the refrigeration and air conditioning market.

We have funded our efforts through small equity investments and have produced a proof of concept prototype which has already delivered significant energy savings. This work included the construction of a purpose-built testing facility to verify these results and advance the technology.

Having confirmed the mark one device produces measurable and reproducible energy saving results, we are seeking equity partners to complete REED’s commercialisation phase and bring the technology to market.

The type of investor(s) we are seeking are based on one of the following categories;


Partnership with a supply-chain based company that has existing sales channels within our target market. This investment would entitle the partner to either an exclusive geographical sales license(s) or an equity share in the company.

Equity Investor

Direct venture capital investment for equity to enter the market, create new sales channels and complete the product rollout.


Early sale to investor as an acquisition of the technology and intellectual property.

Cresstec Pty. Ltd. and Cresstec RAC IP Pty. Ltd. are private companies and currently will not be listing on any stock exchange, for this reason, this opportunity is exclusively for sophisticated, professional or wholesale investors only, under Australian law, however is open to international investors who meet this criterion.

For further information please express your interest to invest@cresstec.com.

The definitions of sophisticated, professional or wholesale investors only are available on request or on the ASIC website http://asic.gov.au.

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