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Cresstec REED™

Regulating Energy Efficiency Device

REED™ (Regulating Energy Efficiency Device) — a revolutionary energy saving and leak mitigating technology developed for commercial HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) systems. REED™ was designed around the second law of thermodynamics utilising normally wasted energy to improve system efficiency whilst eliminating refrigerant leaks. A sustainable technology that can significantly reduce emissions. 

A new way of using energy.

Vapour compression refrigeration and air conditioning is the largest single sector user of electricity globally.

The world requires refrigeration + air conditioning for nearly every aspect of modern life. From food production and storage, data and telecommunications, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, mining, and environmental control. Vapour compression refrigeration and air conditioning is a simple and effective solution that has been around for decades. But there are problems, it is the largest single sector user of electricity globally and the refrigerants used are normally environmentally destructive. REED is a new way of using energy that is normally wasted during operation to optimise system performance in a way that is novel to the HVAC-R industry.

The second law of thermodynamics.

Energy created from the compressor work could be stored instead of lost.


HVAC-R is essential, but a major cost to business and strain on the environment. REED™ is extremely effective as a stand-alone device within the HVAC-R environment, however, also can function in coordination with any current energy-saving technologies being employed to date, compounding these energy savings. The theoretical basis for the REED™ design is on the application of the second law of thermodynamics. It was discovered that the energy created from the compressor work could be stored instead of being lost during normal system operation in the form of pressurised liquid refrigerant. 

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The REED™ system can be easily retrofittable to any existing or newly installed HVAC-R system and instantly benefits with reduced electrical costs providing immediate benefits to the environment. With only 2 pipe connections to the resident system and a 110- 240v power connection, the system can be installed extremely quickly with minimal downtime to the existing infrastructure. Once installed, real-time monitoring + control can be performed through the Cresstec Cloud Portal. Service accessibility to the system has been ergonomically designed so that components can be extracted from the REED™ cabinet with minimal obstruction. A ‘master’ REED™ cabinet can be easily connected to control ‘slave’ units using only one pipe connection and one data connection.

REED™ production materials have been selected to ensure longevity in potentially extreme environmental conditions, REED™ is designed to be installed on top of high-rise buildings resulting in exposure to extreme sun, wind, rain, and varying temperatures (i.e. -40°C to 80°C) along with plant rooms. A cradle-to-cradle design philosophy was employed on the REED™ product with most components able to be infinitely recycled.


Innovating to solve wicked problems.

An innovative solution helping to reduce the energy consumption of commercial HVAC-R systems.


REED™ is a world-first patented product (US Patent No: US 10,401,063 B2, B2, JP6925333 (B2), CN108027182B) ) with patents also pending in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, China, India, UAE, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Mexico and Brazil accounting for all first world and emerging markets. REED™ uses a simple design to accomplish a completely new way to achieve energy savings within the HVAC-R industry as well as industry-leading leak detection and world-first leak mitigation. REED™ technology revolutionises the way refrigerant is optimised and managed in vapour compression refrigeration and air conditioning systems with energy-saving of up to 27.6%. REED™ is not only able to reduce the operating costs to business but also protects the environment through reduced energy requirements and its ability to detect harmful refrigerant micro leaks at a level not previously seen and actively mitigates these leaks.

“…With mass adoption of the REED™ technology, in Australia alone, would be the equivalent of removing 1,300,000 cars annual CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.”


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